FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

What am I looking at?

My work is mixed media but photography based, essentially meaning that I combine pigments with other materials and then photograph the results. Below is a photo of my studio to give you some context. In simplest terms, what you are looking at are photographs of stuff.

Do you sell prints?

Yes, but in limited quantities at the moment. I announce occasional edition sales on Instagram and will have works for sale on my website in the coming months.

Do you sell the original experiments (not the photos)?

No. Most of the materials and methods I work with are not archival in any way.

Do you have a scientific background?

No. My degree is in photography, but I’ve always had a deep appreciation for the natural sciences.

How do you photograph these?

I use a camera with a macro lens, a light table and led or flash lights. I use colored plexiglass backgrounds, colored gels, polarizing filters and other traditional photography tools to get some of the effects.

How did you get the idea for this work?

A few years ago I was doing very small grid drawings, more as a meditative practice for myself than anything else. One day I got the idea to photograph them and enlarge them to see what kind of details weren’t visible to the naked eye. From there the work evolved into more experimentation with nontraditional materials – since photography was the end result it allowed me the freedom to push the limits of what I could use.