things in the sky

Each work in this series centers upon a single subject, such as the moon, an airplane or a star. The individual works are comprised of multiple photos – from dozens to thousands. The separate images are then layered and merged into larger compositions.

This body of work allows me to draw upon my painting and drawing background. Playing with motion, focus and rhythmic movements allows me to treat the camera as I would a brush or a pen. In essence, each exposure becomes a brushstroke or a line of ink.


stars11flatmatte_20070505 stars13_uncropped_NS#7759F0 stars16_20070717 stars17_20071110
stars20_20071114 stars4small stars6_01_05_07small stars9_20070314

planes and helicopters

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suns, moons, birds, dust, fireflies and rain

moons10 moons13 moons9 rain1A suns3
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